Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Colored Hair

Colored hair can be very exciting. So many women around the women love colouring their hair. Not only does it covers greys but it also takes care of your styling need. Indian women in general all have black hair. But a blonde, ginger or light brown hair so much more exotic! Natural hair colours has been used for generations. Henna was used as a substitute of chemical hair colorants were not available. It gave your colour a lush red. It was not only used as a colouring agent but for hair growth and hair nourishment as well. Nowadays even henna is available in various colours like orange, indigo and chocolate brown. But let’s face it, most of use just use hair colours available in the super markets. It is easier to cook up and also easier to apply! However due to added chemicals, our hair may be subjected to damage. Here are few ways how you can protect your hair from those chemicals.

Prep Your Hair

Most women forget their hair, before they colour them. Just as we clean and moisturize our skin before applying makeup, we also prepare our hair for colouring it. This means that you have to keep your hair well-nourished and hydrated. This can be done by using oil treatments at home and using hair masks once a week. Preparation must be carried out at least two months in advance before you colour your hair. You also need to avoid using heating tools just before you colour.

Choose the Right Product

It is important that you choose the right product from the market. There are various brands that we need to look into. The ideal should be sulphates free and ammonia free. Go for organic hair brands which are made from natural ingredients. Use can also use a volume developer just before coloring if you have thin hair. Make sure you don’t have dandruff. This can ruin your hair colour by making the scalp itchy. If you suffer from dandruff problem make sure you cure dandruff first and choose an anti dandruff shampoo for coloured hair.

Follow the Instructions

We often forget to read the minute details that are mentioned on the back of the pack. No matter which colour you buy, all come with instructions for use. You must follow the instructions at all cost. It is also recommended to do a patch test first. This will ensure you do not have any allergic reaction to the products.

Wait Before Shampoo

After colouring your hair wait at least for two days before you wash or shampoo your hair. Again if you suffer from dandruff or have a tendency, then use a dandruff shampoo for coloured hair. Usually chemicals in the colorants, naturally remove the dandruff, but it best to use a dandruff shampoo for extra protection. If you are worried that the colour will fade away, it is best to oil your hair before shampooing. It forms a protective layer around the hair shafts and prevent the colour from fading away.

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