Elite Kick bands

Elite Kick bands, it must be election time again, all those ratty paper signs all over town, all those ads in the newspaper, on TV, and now online too, everywhere we go we are bombarded. These people call us at home despite telemarketing rules, and now we are even getting SPAM in our inbox too. I’ve received text-messages, tweets, fax’es, phone calls, spam, and watched god knows how many silly, persnickety, and even hateful advertisements and commercials – Help already!

And this SPAM in my inbox really irks me. The most recent SPAM I got was from the “Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO” and the spammer was supposedly; PeoplePower [at] AFL-CIO. Now realize this was totally unsolicited. In fact, as a small business entrepreneur and later a franchisor of my own company, I’ve experienced nothing but problems with unions, their representatives, and their purposeful barriers to entry, even their hostile actions, personal threats, and intimidation. So for me to support the AFL-CIO, not a chance in Haiti!

Still, the email tells me; “Dear Lance, if California working families sit out this election. Anti-worker candidates will bring Bush-era policies back-with a vengeance. Their agenda? Renew TRILLIONS in tax cuts for the rich and tax breaks for outsourcing more California jobs to China. Have Big Banks go back to regulating themselves. Gut Social Security-then privatize it. And leave folks who have lost their jobs, literally, out in the cold. But Lance, we’ve got you. And with your help, we’re not going to let it happen.”

What sort of jibberish is that I ask, as, most of our outsourcing, and over regulation causing our corporations. To offshore can directly attributed to Democrats, Unions, and their socialist-neo-liberal thinking. Why won’t the FTC go after the AFL-CIO unions for this SPAM? Simple, the Federal Trade Commission is filled folks who think just like this. Why is it that when a Republican sends out unsolicited emails, we read about it on the front page of the newspapers, but when the Unions do it, mums the word?

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