Different Types of Mental Illness You Should Be Aware of

Civilization has given us many curses. In today’s advanced age of birth, thousands of human beings are suffering from one or many types of mental diseases. They do not get tired of narrating their agonies, Mental Illness. Lying out in the corner in solitude and hand-in-hand, are pushing for days. Such diseases have arisen in the heart that their face has become deformed. They are not getting peace even in places of worship, temples and solitary places. Like a rudderless boat, they are again in search of yatra-tatra, mantar-jantar. Oops, what a pathetic condition they have. 

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Nowadays, problems related to mental diseases are increasing day by day. The reasons for this may vary, but our changing lifestyle is also no less responsible for it. When faced with stressful situations through an emotion-focused policy, the person shows emotional behavior. Although, if a person is incapable of facing stress, then he / she tends to resist-oriented diplomacy, different types of psychosis can arise if they are pursued continuously.

Resistant-oriented behavior does not make it able to face the situation, it is only a means of showing its actions to be practical. Physical problems like fever, cough, cold etc. are different types of psychosis. The psychosis of these classes ranges from low anxiety to severe psychotic disorder such as manipulation or fragmented mentalist

Vahm (hypochondriasis) (Mental Illness)

Vahm is dominant in our planned diseases. The basic instinct of doubt, doubt and unhappiness in the human mind is the mother of Vaham. It arises as a result of stupidity and ignorance. A human cannot hear anything bad about him. If a lie tells something unpleasant or worrying, then it accepts the inner self instantly and it keeps growing. Illiterate, uncouth, uneducated persons, and especially women with old thoughts, have a lot of interest. This is a petty psychosis of a weak mind. People with weak willpower are suspicious and suffer the tortures of hell due to their destiny. Such persons are cynical, skeptical, unbelieving, anxious, pessimistic, unquenchable, dissatisfied in mind.

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Excitement  (Mental Illness)

The stimulation of the mind intensifies, the veins suddenly become intense. In the conscience, unnecessary fumes occur and hands and feet swell for some time. For some time the whole body becomes agitated. Stimulus especially has an effect on the heart, as a result of which it is unable to perform its own work properly. Breathing flowers arise and a colic is produced in the chest. The main cause of excitement is many kinds of false fears gathered in the mind. They suddenly appear deformed and we get confused for a while. The fanciful miseries or any intense sensational experiences, narratives, poetry lead to an explosion of psychosis and excitement to man.

Melancholia  (Mental Illness)

Disappointment arises due to failure in a task two or four times. Distrust arises and darkness is seen all around. Nairashya is a kind of terrible demon who is sitting in the eyes of our destruction. Such a patient always looks towards evil and utters words of failure. He considers only the dark and unholy aspect of life, staring and hurting himself, narrowness, imperfection. “Oops everything is destroyed, nothing is left, what work is life now, now death is better for us.” He thinks such things and goes to the job wearing a wearer, wearing worn out clothes, wearing worn out clothes, wearing broken clothes. Nairashya is a deadly enemy of human life.

Anxiety state  (Mental Illness)

Unspeakable, evil, little fantasies of bad things, seeing the bad condition of others, recreating the same situations for themselves and seeing them, stimulating their illnesses in the imaginary world, reconciling the imagination with improper things, worrying The main reasons are. Being upset by futile adversities makes the mind very angry, restless. We see all the enemies of the world as our enemies. Our mind seems disorganized, lost and lost, lifeless, relaxed. The conscience is covered with darkness. We wasted vitality in the contemplation of unarmed things. Tuberculosis develops due to despair, anxiety and ulcerative things, people who live in night and day covered with grief, mourning, fantasies of disease, think of sad conditions, they suffer from different diseases, life. Let’s end.

Illusory  (Mental Illness)

In this mental illness, the knowledgeable people of the brain become so weak that a person starts to doubt a little things. Heard a little sorrow or read any adverse news in the newspaper that their conscience casts a shadow and despite having all kinds of prestige, value, money, grain, these people remain restless and have deep faith every moment. Keep throwing. There is no peace, peace, or stability in their life even for a single moment. The patients of this disease experience happiness and grief hundreds of times a day. Doubt, confusion and instability drive their minds continuously. Symptoms of anxiety and excitement are marked on the mouth.

Hysteria  (Mental Illness)

Mental disease of hysteria is often related to unrestrained libido. Unmarried women or childless women become victims of it. Physical weakness, excessive nervousness, excitement, excitement, sudden grief disrupts the balance of the brain, and the unquenchable lusts of unknown consciousness cause a terrible explosion.

Gazing  (Mental Illness)

In this type of confused mental state, the patient remains neither agitated, nor discouraged. He is absolutely obsessed. His mind becomes void. Conscious thought, intellect becomes absolutely stable for some time. Wherever you sit, there will remain idle, idle. Neither will show any desire nor desire. His mouth is not clear what he wants. If you ask him anything, he listens unheard or gives a very clumsy, incomplete, unclear, meaningless answer. This disease arises due to different types of mental deficiencies, lack of proper maturation of different brain centers.

Guilty  (Mental Illness)

“We have a great sin, now there can be no salvation, I have done the apocalypse, I should not survive by making such a huge mistake” – the patient is saddened by such thoughts. A few days ago a similar patient came to us who was given some impure medicines in the disease. She used to say “I have eaten goats, chewed their bones, Akhtu Aktu.” Having said that, she would spit and put a finger in the light and undertake to vomit.

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Inferiority  (Mental Illness)

Many people are so shy, shameful that they keep silent like great criminals and always have low vision. It seems to them that the world is staring at each of their actions, every gesture, clothes, shoes, hats, as if there are thousands of eyes in stone and all of them are presented to us to seize it. Fear is the primary cause of selflessness. In the mental institution of the patient, his share is very high. He withdraws from all kinds of gathering societies, crowds of human beings, is always ashamed and considers himself humbled, inferior, weak, petty, criminal. It is very unbelievable. Symptoms of self-harm are these – Low eyes, narrowing, running headlines, getting nervous, becoming disoriented, silently accepting other inappropriate things, To take indifferent seriousness Such minor defects of such a patient are seen as unforgivable crime and at times Darun suffers mental torture till the patient commits suicide.

Fear (Mental Illness)

God had made man brave and courageous, but in the world many self-made doubts have made him a coward. Every failure and often all the faults have some kind of fear at the end. Fear is the fort of doubt. Due to fear, the action potential of the brain gets distorted or constricted, this causes excitement in the centered circle and causes dizziness, indigestion, brain pain, instability. With little adversity, he is overcome and in his mind, anger, jealousy, anxiety, uneasiness, nervousness, fidgeting, apprehension, and evil develop.

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