Beta-alanine may be especially helpful for runners, bikers, rock climbers, and other endurance athletes before a demanding workout or competition. It is more crucial for athletes who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet because they tend to store less of this animal-based protein in their muscles due to their plant-based diets. The following are some advantages of using beta-alanine supplements:

Beta-alanine may help you last longer before getting fatigued.

The first of our beta-alanine advantages is to do with “time to exhaustion” (TTE). This is the period a person may perform an activity before becoming exhausted. Several variables, like your nutrition, sleeping habits, level of fitness, and more, will determine whether that is 10 minutes or 2 hours. 

Regardless of those aspects, beta-alanine might be one approach to increase carnosine reserves and lessen the damaging effects that lactic acid has on your muscles, which could improve your TTE. According to a 2015 study, cyclists who consumed beta-alanine pills daily for ten weeks could labor 13% harder than those who took a placebo.

Beta-alanine may help you work harder during short, high-intensity exercises.

Muscle acidosis (the conversion of glucose to lactic acid) reduces the duration of high-intensity exercise, and it may also affect how hard you can push yourself at the time. This is crucial in challenging short-duration exercises like HIIT or Crossfit and endurance sports. 

In a study on the advantages of beta-alanine for high-intensity interval training, researchers discovered that participants’ TTE improved by 19% after using beta-alanine supplements for six weeks. Another research project on rowers found a connection between faster times in 2,000-meter races and beta-alanine supplementation for seven weeks. Therefore taking beta-alanine that is high quality can help you work harder during short, high-intensity exercises.

Beta-alanine may increase muscle endurance in people over 55.

Beta-alanine may have extra advantages for those 55 years of age and older. For instance, if you are an athlete, the improved muscle endurance positively affects your quality of life after your training days. Beta-alanine supplementation helps older persons live more independently while lowering their chance of falling. According to research on persons aged 55 to 92 who participated in a double-blind, randomized study, beta-alanine supplementation was linked to the delayed onset of neuromuscular tiredness in older men and women.  

You could perhaps develop lean muscle mass using beta-alanine.

Your objectives will be simpler to attain, especially if you combine beta-alanine with a premium pre-workout protein supplement. Forty-six men participated in a double-blind study to examine beta-alanine’s potential for increasing muscle mass. The study measured peak oxygen consumption, time to exhaustion, ventilatory threshold, and total labor performed. 

The second phase involved giving 1.5 grams of beta-alanine to half of the group four times per day for 21 days while giving a placebo to the other half. They were also required to participate in a 6-week HIIT exercise regimen. Unsurprisingly, the researchers found that beta-alanine significantly improved every participant’s performance in the areas assessed. But those taking beta-alanine also experienced an increase in lean body mass.  

Beta-alanine that is high quality

Beta-alanine that is high quality has a lot of advantageous effects, including better health overall, more energy, and improved endurance.

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