Best Free Hand Exercises For Shoulder Pain And Frozen Shoulder

Pain and tenderness are companions of a human being. We feel pain in one joint or the other, every third day, whatever the reason might be. It can be workload, over stress, fatigue, or any other factor. But, at the end of the day, we suffer. Pains disturb the normal rhythm of our life by making us unable to do a lot of our usual day’s work. We become somewhat crippled due to pain and have to settle down for an ointment or medicine to get temporary relief from such pain and get going.


Exercises and regulations

What we either forget or do not take into consideration, most of the time is that exercise is a great way of curing pains permanently. Spending about half an hour a day for exercises is enough to get rid of such pains permanently. Moreover, the most interesting thing about exercise is that there is no specific schedule that needs to be followed when we intend to exercise. It can be morning, afternoon, evening; any time of the day.

You just have to take into account some important things while planning to do exercises best video youtube2mp3. Whenever you exercise you must not have a filled up stomach. This means you must have enough time for digestion before you start to exercise. So, keep a safe gap of three hours at least after you have taken your meal. On the other hand, you can exercise early in the morning, in an empty stomach, after having a glass of lukewarm water or lemon water and a teaspoon of honey


Shoulder and back pain

Among the most common areas of the body that suffer a lot due to pain are waist, knees, legs, arms, and back. So, there have been lots and lots of discussions on an exercise schedule for these parts of the body. There are several natural remedies available for curing pains in these areas too.

But, today our area of focus will be shouldering. Though not as commonly occurring as that of the other parts of the body, every fourth person suffers from mild to severe pain in this part of the body too. Thus this article will give information on some freehand exercises that work effectively in curing pains in the shoulders permanently. But, you must follow them regularly and in a sincere way to get the best of results.


Exercise no. 1

This exercise is specifically for shoulders disorders. It cures frozen shoulders and chronic pains in this area.

Method of the exercise

Stand straight on the ground. Keep a gap of one foot in between your legs and do not bend your knees, even the slightest. Keep your hands, relaxed, on either side of your body. Now, begin your exercise by lifting both your shoulders up, as much as you can. Hold on to this position for about 10 seconds to 15 seconds and then release and bring back your shoulders to the original position. Repeat the exercise for about 10 to 15 times.


Exercise no. 2

This exercise is also dedicated to any for shoulder pain.

Method of the exercise

Stand straight on the ground, keeping your spinal cord erect and your neck and head straight. Leave a gap of one foot in between your legs. Your hands must remain firmly and in a relaxed way, on both sides of your body.

Start exercising by lifting your right shoulder first, towards your ears, as much as you can. Hold on to the position, while you count up to ten. Now release and bring back your shoulders to their original position. Now, start similarly exercising with your left shoulder. Lift your left shoulder, as much as you can, count up to ten and then release, to get your shoulder back to the original position. Repeat the exercise for at least 10 to 15 times to get the best results.


Exercise no. 3

The third exercise is also meant for all the problems of the shoulders and the basics of the exercise are almost similar to the other two discussed here. There is only a slight technical difference which makes it perfect for frozen and locked shoulders.

Method of the exercise

Stand erect on the ground, keeping your spinal cord, back and head upright. Stretch your legs wide apart, to a distance of one foot in between them, keeping your legs straight and firm. Bend your hands a bit and raise them. Now put it in such a way that you hold on to your waist on either side of your body, by the respective hands.

Start exercising by rotating your shoulders together, first in the clockwise direction, slowly, while counting up to fifteen. Now take some rest and then rotate your shoulders in the anti-clockwise direction, together, counting from one to fifteen again.

Repeat at ten least times in each direction and then see the improvement yourself.


Exercise no. 4

This exercise is also for the shoulder, specifically for the frozen shoulder and to increase the mobility of stiff shoulders.

Method of the exercise

Sit straight on a chair. You must keep your back and spinal cord erect. Your head must also remain straight. Remember, not to lean on the chair while exercising. Keep your hands folded, in such a way that your palms rest on your shoulders. Start exercising by rotating your hands together with your shoulders in the clockwise direction first. Do it for about ten to fifteen times. Now, repeat the same exercise in the anti-clockwise direction for another ten to fifteen times. Then, take rest for a few seconds. Again repeat the exercise and perform it for three to five sets to get the best results.


Exercise no. 5

This exercise is also useful for stiff shoulder and shoulder pain. But it also benefits your hands.

Method of the exercise

Stand straight on a flat surface, keeping your legs firm and your spine erect. Keep a gap of about one foot in between your legs. Stretch your hands out, on either side of your body. Keep your spinal cord straight and look straight. Begin the exercise by rotating your right hand in the clockwise direction first for ten to fifteen times and then in the anti-clockwise direction for the next ten to fifteen times 123netflix. You must not bend your arms during the process. Take a few minutes of interval in between and repeat the same method with your left hand. It is best if we do three sets of exercise.

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