Common Car Image Editing Technique for Used Car Dealership Business

Car image editing is the most important aspect when it comes to modern marketing technology and its presentation to the client. Because used cars aren’t perfect like new cars, it is vital to convert their image into high definition and visually appealing for advertisement and resale purposes.

Hiring a car image editing service will help in representing your product in a professional and desired way to capture your audience’s attention. However, this depends on the individual experience and the car image editing technique used. For more details, keep reading this article and find out more about car image editing techniques.

What is Car Image Editing?

Car image editing is a service that specializes in editing and retouching the car image{s} into an error-free image to make it look professional and lucrative. Car image editing service is purposely performed to make used cars look vivid, sharp, and striking to convey quality and a positive vibe to your audience.

 Besides, in modern world technology, this service is essential because it is effective in marketing and can help you keep up with the high competition. With proper car image editing techniques, any used car image can be manipulated to meet your audience’s expectations and create sales.

However, if you want to get the best output you must outsource this service to professionals with years of experience. That’s because the service provider must be efficient in any type of image editing/manipulation technique and wrap up the adjustments to meet the clients’ satisfaction.

Professional photo editing service involves image retouching and background removal and replacement in a proper aspect and revealing every detail of the car. It also includes; color correction, sound mixing, filters, tilting, etc. Therefore, don’t try to present raw photos of your car with the wrong backgrounds, colors, and leftovers if you want to capture the audience.

Car Image Editing Techniques

There are different types of car image editing techniques used to enhance the quality of the car image and details. Each technique is specifically employed on a single issue, but the editor can also employ all the techniques to focus on all aspects to make the image look incredible. They include;

• Background Removal

If the background of the car image is not that appealing you can request for car background removal service. With the car, the background removal service, the editor can enhance the car background by deleting the background and replacing it with the one that meets your specifications or the car’s characteristics.

This is significant as it helps to emphasize the subject and make the used automobile look decent. During background removal, the editor draws or creates a vector path on the image by using the clipping path to remove the object. After removing the car image is placed or added onto the appropriate background.

• Shadow Making

Shadow-making service specifically focuses on making the car image look more realistic depending on the subjects’ size and shape. Shadow making makes your car image look natural and original as it helps to set the tone and contrasts the color of the subject. There are two types of shadow used in car image editing; drop shadow and natural shadow.

Drop shadow is the shadow effect found on an image and is purposely performed to simulate 3D depth in a 2D car image. To add drop shadow effects on a car image, the editor will separate the subject from its background and replace it with a custom shadow that is either modified or substituted.

Natural shadow is useful in making your car shadow natural and realistic as it involves removing unwanted objects or backgrounds and placing the car image on a different natural shadow. The shadow is modeled by illuminating the product directly under the source of light to make it appear natural and real.

• Retouching

In the case of spots or blurriness of the car image, the photo editor can retouch the details on your car image to help fix the blur effects and sharpness. Retouching involves the elimination of all imperfections from the image subject including the tone and color correction, blemishers, contrast, saturation, darkness and brightness {Exposure}, etc. Besides, it also includes removing certain elements from the background or adding elements that were not in the image.

• Photo Enhancing

Usually, photo enhancing ids are performed after retouching to improve the overall style and look of your car image. Photo enhancing involves altering the color scheme, tone, and temperature to enhance the mood and ensure the color {s} is consistent within the gallery. Photo enhancing is appropriate when the car image is dull and not true to the color.


With the help of any of the above car image editing techniques can improve the quality of the used car image. However, it is worth noting that image editing is a daunting task for many and thus you should outsource this service to professionals. Or, you can contact us to help grow and boost your car dealership business.

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